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Back at the loom [Jul. 4th, 2012|12:10 pm]
DSCF1161 by peachymanaangel
DSCF1161, a photo by peachymanaangel on Flickr.

So yes the loom is out and I wove two sets of washcloths.

The pink and green set. Plain weave with some leno and nylon netting thrown in. Its soo nice and scrubby hee hee it's my favorite ^^
This blue set is all tabby weave and the weft was dyed by my student. He didn't like the yarn and I asked him if he didn't want it if I could have it. He agreed and I decided to weave his beautiful yarn.

Both sets use left over bamboo yarn and sugar and cream cotton yarn.

While weaving my loom broke . . . again. This time I am fixing it up nice.

I just need to do and I get help form moonshadow. >^_^<

I do not like posting images this way onto lj from flicker