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i need to post [Mar. 13th, 2012|08:56 pm]
wed shower001 by peachymanaangel
wed shower001, a photo by peachymanaangel on Flickr.

My twitter or tumblr got hacked.

Really what a pain in the ass, there are so many assholes out there with nothing better to do.

Just like the politicians, politics are pissing me off with all this anti women's health legislature. Plus all the union busting and teacher bashing get wearing

I need to get more motivated about work, life and play.
I have all these things I want to do but I can get motivated to actually do it. Very frustrating and stupid.

Kris and I are looking at houses and wedding planning is getting crazy go time. We need to send out invites soon. The shower is next saturday *_* I will finally get to see my Texan yay!

I have some very awesome fashion designs that I want to make. ^^ Plus my sister bought me the coolest fabric from Guatemala.

I was cleaning out my art stash and noticed that I like to draw bitchy, sad, aloof women . . . no wonder I am a cat lady.

This summer I am going to make art it will be awesome. Kris needs to get used to the sound of the loom and sewing machine too. ^^ And fabric and yarn EVERYWHERE. Why yes that is yarn in the fridge why . . . *shifty eyes* because it was to hot and needed a cool vacation. I need to get my flicker up and running again.